Opening times: 08:00-20:00

From Theatre to the Museum


The guests of the Museum of Republika Srpska, Sloboda Micalovic, actress in the play “Frankie and Johnny”, a theater show that was performed on the Great stage of the National Theater of Republic of Srpska and Aleksander Peǰakovic, director at the Children’s Theatre of the Republic of Srpska.  The visit was accompanied by Neda Simic Zerajic from the City Administration of City of Banja Luka. The guests at the Museum of the RS was welcomed by the Director of the Museum of the Republic of Srpska Miladin Savic, museum adviser Danijela Djukanovic and museum adviser Vladimir Djukanovic.

Ethnologist and author of the famous exhibition about the Zmijanje embroidery, Danijela Djukanovic, presented the guests with the Expert guidance through the Permanent exhibition “From prehistory to modern times”. During the visit, Sloboda Micalovic showed a special interest in the exhibits of rare and endangered species in the Department of Natural Sciences and for the multimedia exhibition “Jasenovac, the system of Ustasha’s death camps”.
“I consider that exibits that testify to the history of the suffering of the people are particularly important, especially when it comes to rare photos in this multimedia presentation. I am sure that my next visit to Banja Luka will also be an opportunity to visit the Museum and the permanent exhibition, which shows a great effort to preserve the heritage of the Republic of Srpska. “- said Sloboda Micalovic.

Micalović expressed her great satisfaction with the reaction of the Banja Luka audience to the performance in which she plays, and, on the occasion of her recent success in the National Theater of RS, she stated that she is not surprised by the good response because she knows that Banja Luka has an active theater audience.



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