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Source: ATV Banja Luka Television show "Widely Srpska" (sr: Sirom Srpske) Dragan Cicvaric, senior curator at the Open air museum "Old Village" Sirogojno, hold the presentation of Audio-Visual Fund of the Museum "Old Village" on Wednesday, June 26th, and he presented three films from this fund. On Thursday, June 27th, the author gave a workshop…

Source: RTRS Television show "In Focus" The guests of the show were the author of the presentation "Audio-Visual Fund of the Old Village", Dragan Cicvaric, director of the Open air museum "Old Village" Sirogojno Svetlana Caldovic Sijakovic and Vladimir Djukanovic, museum advisor at the Museum of the Republic of Srpska. Old Village "Sirogojno"

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